Our Vision…

to transform the thinking of Christian Education

We pursue our vision from a Biblical base by aiming:

  • To be authentically Christian
  • Provide excellent products, services and research products
  • Practice Christian Community

Our Aim

To equip educators/leaders who see Christian Education as a calling to be the very best they can be and to glorify God with their God given gifts.

What our young children and older students need more than anything are educators and leaders who love Jesus and want Jesus to be known and honoured in their schools and colleges.”

– Dr Tina Lamont, Director, TEC.

Educators interested in building young peoples’ character and preparing them for acts of service is the essence of the excellent Christian Education.

Why Choose Us?

As Christian Educators and Christian Educational Communities we need to keep our communities authentically Christian. We need to equip staff, parents and students with the principles of Christian Education and how to impart those principles.

The landscape of education is becoming more legalistic, data-driven and outcomes based. Schools are required to deliver more in a school year than the previous year. Leaders are required to bring about change through school improvement plans. Innovation and supportive structures are sometimes limited or non-existent.

This is where we see TEC as an emerging support to Christian communities. At the Excellence Centre we want to help Christian Educators recognise that we can deliver a Biblically based Christian education that has enduring value and importance to the whole of life education.

Together we can deliver a holistic Christian Education to the next generation!

Our commitment to you is that our services will be

Authentically Christian  |  Relational and mutually beneficial  |  Committed to Spiritual Formation

Biblically Based  |  Focused on holistic education  |  Mission Focused  |  Character Formation as a foundation

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